The Faculty of Philology is located in the old campus of Vilnius university (D on the map below). The plenary and parallel sessions were held in the rooms around A. Mickevičius’ Courtyard (number 9 on the map). Entrance to the University Cafe is from the Grand Coutyard (number 1) in the Aula Parva building (II on the map).


Faculty of Philology

Vilnius University

Universiteto g. 5
LT-01513 Vilnius


1. Grand Courtyard
2. Observatory Courtyard
3. Library Courtyard
4. M. K. Sarbievijus Courtyard
5. M. Daukša Courtyard
6. S. Daukantas Courtyard
7. Arcade Courtyard
8. L. Gucevičius Courtyard
9. A. Mickevičius Courtyard
10. S. Stanevičius Courtyard
11. K. Sirvydas Courtyard
12. Printing House Courtyard
13. Bursų (Hostel) Courtyard
A. Astronomical Observatory
B. St. Jonh’s Church
C. Library
D. Faculty of Philology
E. Faculty of History
F. University bookshop “Littera”
G. Center of Orientalistics
H. Faculty of Philosophy
R. Rector’s Office
I. Aula Rectoris – Rector’s hall
II. Aula Parva – the Small hall
III. P. Smuglevičius hall
IV. The Theatre hall

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